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              CONTACT USContact us
              CONTACT US

              GN Energy Technology Co., Ltd

              Moble: +86-18575219939

              Machine: 0752-2600665

              Fax: 0752-5312895

              Email address: lym@gngkj.com

              Website: http://www.keygotcrew.com

              Address: guangdong huizhou ZhongKai pretty breeze east 2 16 in the zone


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              Company news
              2017-02 24

              The main performance of the batteryEnergy density 1.Lithium - manganese dioxide battery voltage up to more than 3 v, is the double of batteries, the electrical appliances, means that can save the powe... [Detailed]

              2017-02 24

              The application of the batteryLithium manganese button cell is widely used in motherboard of computer, mobile communications, C - MOS, S - RAM memory and electronic systems. As the support power, used... [Detailed]

              2017-02 24

              Lithium manganese battery types Lithium-ion battery is currently the most used lithium button cells (as early as we called mercury batteries because of pollution and capacitance of the property has be... [Detailed]

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