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              Industry news
              Battery structure

              Battery structure

              Li/MnO2 electrochemical system can be made according to different design and organization, to adapt to the different USES for the various requirements of miniaturization, light-duty mobile power supply. It can have a variety of structures, including COINS, carbon type, winding type and square battery.

              Coin battery

              Lithium manganese dioxide tablet on the disc anode, middle separated with non woven polypropylene membrane, membrane contamination through the electrolyte. Battery USES the edge compression seal. Battery shell is used as the positive terminal and the lid is used as the negative terminal. This coin cell battery maintains life is 3 years.

              Diagram of CR button cell Lithium manganese battery

              Diagram of CR button cell Lithium manganese battery

              Discharge of the battery

              The cathode reaction: Li, Li + + e -

              The positive reaction: Mn + 4 o2 + Li + + e - - > Mn + 3 o2 (Li +)

              Total discharge reaction: Mn + 4 o2 + Li - Mn + 3 o2 (Li +)

              Lithium - manganese dioxide battery open circuit voltage is about 3 v, stable discharge voltage is an important characteristic of it.


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