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              Lithium manganese battery types

              Lithium manganese battery types


              Lithium-ion battery is currently the most used lithium button cells (as early as we called mercury batteries because of pollution and capacitance of the property has been gradually replaced by lithium manganese - formula) basic voltage of 3.0 V, the highest electric capacity is 1200 mah. This battery can be designed to be lightweight, and the condition of high capacity. With stable discharge curve, which is used so many high-tech products such as the motherboard to when memory backup battery. In addition, is designed to be cylindrical lithium-ion battery has high capacity, low internal resistance, can instantly release large current, is the excellent choice of camera battery market. However, because of its raw materials for lithium metal has the very high chemical activity, therefore should not be used too much in the same cell, to avoid the risk of explosion


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