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              About us

              About us

              GN Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of lithium primary batteries. Established in 2014, the company has dedicated to the research and development for lithium batteries, adhere to the enterprise purpose of "integrity, innov...

              Brand value

              To provide customers with safe and reliable power solutions

              Enterprise qualification


              Product Certification


              Service network

              Global perfect sales system and service network

              R&D research

              Experts and professors are employed as technical consultants.

              Have good cooperative relations with wuhan university of technology,

              Harbin university of science and technology, new technology of

              materials composite country Key laboratories and other institutions

              of higher learning and scientific research institutions.

              Tracking and Medical

              Applications: IoT, supply chain system management, ETC highway toll CARDS,

              Intelligent tag, GPS tracking, life-saving lamp, anti-losing device,

              portable Medical equipment analyzer, infusion pump automatic surface defibrillator,

              remote patient tracker, etc

              Battery usage: GNCP soft pack, 9V


              Security & Smart Meter

              Applications: smart meters (electricity meters, water meters,

              gas meters, heat meters, meters), smoke alarm,

              carbon monoxide alarm, heat detector, hand-held metal detector,

              safety system, etc

              Battery usage: 9V, CR2, CR123A, CR17335SE, ER14250,

              ER14505, ER34615M


              Provide customers with the most valuable solution,
              Meet customer requirements, wholeheartedly, service customers.
              Product excellence, research institute to establish a good relationship with the college.


              Successful case


              Company mission is to provide the most reliable lithium battery and valuable power solution to meet customer requirement, become a technology leader in the world.




              Excellent product performance, establish good relations of cooperation with institutions of higher learning and research institutes. The effective service life is 10 years, and self-discharge rate is less than 2% per year.


              Top-ranking professional team, high-quality service Top-ranking professional...

              One of the sales companies established by China weapons group, company mission is Provide the most reliable lithium battery and valuable power solution to meet customer requirement, become a technolog... [Detailed]

              Product quality is guaranteed Product quality is guara...

              Company main products are: cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, high-power square lithium manganese battery, ultra-thin batteries, lithium-ion batteries and other composite battery. The products of the ... [Detailed]

              Company news

              Company news

              The main performance of the ba...

              The main performance of the batteryEnergy density 1.Lithium - manganese dioxide ...

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