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              Customer witnessCustomer witness
              CONTACT USContact us
              CONTACT US

              GN Energy Technology Co., Ltd

              Moble: +86-18575219939

              Machine: 0752-2600665

              Fax: 0752-5312895

              Email address: lym@gngkj.com

              Website: http://www.keygotcrew.com

              Address: guangdong huizhou ZhongKai pretty breeze east 2 16 in the zone


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              Customer witness
              Top-ranking professional team, high-quality service

              Top-ranking professional team, high-quality service

              One of the sales companies established by China weapons group, company mission is Provide the most reliable lithium battery and valuable power solution to meet customer requirement, become a technology leader in the world.

              Excellent product performance, establish good relations of cooperation with institutions of higher learning and research institutes. The effective service life is 10 years, and self-discharge rate is less than 1% per year.



              Key words:Top-ranking professional team, high-quality service
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