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              Customer witnessCustomer witness
              CONTACT USContact us
              CONTACT US

              GN Energy Technology Co., Ltd

              Moble: +86-18575219939

              Machine: 0752-2600665

              Fax: 0752-5312895

              Email address: lym@gngkj.com

              Website: http://www.keygotcrew.com

              Address: guangdong huizhou ZhongKai pretty breeze east 2 16 in the zone


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              Customer witness
              Product quality is guaranteed

              Product quality is guaranteed

              Company main products are: cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, high-power square lithium manganese battery, ultra-thin batteries, lithium-ion batteries and other composite battery. The products of the company has passed IOS9001, IOS14001, CE, UL, SGS (ROHS) certification, the products are mainly applied to intelligent instrument and meter, automation equipment, security, GPS, RFID, bank, oil fields, solar street lighting and the military field.


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